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Fun Friday: Artistic Condoms

ArtisticCondomFFWish your condoms were more aesthetically pleasing?  We’ll you’re in luck! A French start-up called Made in Love has started a line of condoms that are truly works of art.

ArtisticCondomFF2Read more about these artistic prophylactics in the Huffington Post.

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Fun Friday: Radical Self Love

On this Friday, and every day, we want to remind all of you to practice self love!


This image is from Suze Frances Tumblr (Sleeping with Ghosts). You can check out more here.

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Fun Friday: Because it’s 2015. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Recently elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose women to fill half of the positions in his Cabinet. When asked my a reporter why he named a gender-equal Cabinet, this was his response:

Canadian gender equalityHow’s that for gender equality in the 21st century?! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Fun Friday: Best Group Halloween Costume Ever

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween! In my opinion, this is the best (and original) set of Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen. Enjoy, and be safe this weekend.

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Fun Friday: Museum of Sex

logo_blackA friend of mine was recently in NYC, which reminded me of my visit to the Museum of Sex. I’m so glad I squeezed in a visit to this unique museum between the obligatory trips to the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Central Park. I implore you to visit the next time you’re in New York City, but leave your prude friends at home.


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Fun Friday: Exiting the Friendzone

If you’re an avid reader of The Feronia Project you know that we dig the Vlogbrothers. If you’re in the “friendzone,” here’s a little tutorial from Hank on how to get out. Happy Friday!

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Fun Friday: Dating Tweets to Make You Laugh

Dating and relationships can be hard. But everything is better with a little dose of humor, right? Buzzfeed compiled a list of 27 relationship and dating tweets and it had me rolling! Happy Friday!



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Fun Friday: It Gets Better (and Better)

Remember when Target announced that they’d no longer stock/advertise their toys in a gender-specific way? And remember the guy who posed as Target on Facebook and trolled the haters of the idea? Well, he’s back at it again, this time as Frito-Lay, the maker of Doritos.

Doritos partnered with the It Gets Better Project and recently introduced rainbow chips. As expected, people had a problem with that. So, experienced troller that he is, Mike Melgaard, took to defending the crispy rainbow delights.

Read more on Huffpost or on Mike’s Facebook page.


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Fun Friday: Menstruation in Space

sally rideIn 1983, 22 years after Alan Shepard became the first American to go to space, Sally Ride left Earth’s atmosphere. She told an interviewer:

“I remember the engineers trying to decide how many tampons should fly on a one-week flight; they asked, ‘Is 100 the right number?’

“No. That would not be the right number.”

Make your Friday better and go read this article on NPR.

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