Crash Course in Periods: Part 3 (Debunking Period Myths)

A lot can be said about periods. Unfortunately, not all of it is true. Let’s go through some of the most common myths and talk about why they are not true.

You can lose your virginity to tampons

This is a myth I have heard a lot. Tampons are generally not big enough to break your hymen. Even if they were, many different things can break your hymen, like riding a bike, doing splits, or getting hit in the crotch. The hymen is not an indicator for whether or not you’ve lost your virginity and you can only lose it once you have had sex.

You can’t have sex while on your period

This is by far the most common myth. You can absolutely have sex while you’re on your period. It could get a little messy, but it’s possible. You can also get pregnant while on your period so make sure you still use protection.

Women are moody when they are on their periods

It is true that irritability and mood swings are symptoms of PMS, but it does mean they are completely moody and irrational throughout their entire period. In fact, when they are moody is when there is a spike in their testosterone right before their period.

You get your period every 28 days

You do get your period around every 28 days, but every cycle varies. Some cycles can be less than every 28 days, others can be closer to 30 days. Your cycle can also change depending on birth control, stress, illness, etc.

As a final note, one misconception I have heard some men have is that you can stop bleeding at points during your period. It’s not true. The reason your period can be called a flow is because you bleed continuously throughout the week.