The Sound of Your Orgasm – Female Copulatory Vocalization

Sound of orgasmMost heterosexual couples recognize the many differences in the way males and females process emotions, communicate, solve problems, and generally view the world. We tend to think of males as more aggressive, physical and loud. Think of a group of male sports fans revved up over the final moments of a very close game. Few demure gestures, whispered comments or shy responses in this group. So where is the one area where women vastly out-vocalize men? During sex, particularly while having an orgasm.

While men typically orgasm with a bit of heavy breathing, a few grunts and the deed is done, women tend to vocalize with increasing volume, often climaxing with operatic proportions. The ancient Indian text of how to make love, The Kama Sutra, gives this advice, “As a major part of moaning, she may use, according to her imagination, the cries of the dove, cuckoo, green pigeon, parrot, bee, nightingale, goose, duck and partridge.”

Human females are not alone in the primate world when it comes to expressing their pleasure in a vocal cascade of sounds. Female non-human primates make sounds that they reserve only for mating. It is believed that this behavior is a call to males to come take advantage of her willingness to mate during the time she is ovulating. The closer she is to ovulation, the more complicated and intense the sounds.

To view one of the most well known, very vocal, fake orgasms, visit this YouTube video to view Meg Ryan giving it her all in When Harry Met Sally.

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