Fired for Using Contraception? Maybe in Arizona!

Fired for using contraception? Maybe in Arizona!Just when you thought the contraceptive coverage mandate through the Affordable Care Act had been settled, Arizona’s war on women continues in the form of House Bill 2625. This creative, slimy, and downright privacy-violating bill proposes that women who choose to purchase contraception through their employer’s health insurance must provide medical evidence that the contraception is used for some other medical condition besides preventing pregnancy. The bill would also allow an employer to legally fire a woman for using contraception as birth control if it is against the moral values of the employer.

Lawmakers continue to discriminate against women by proposing legislation that specifically targets their ability to plan their pregnancies. Again, I cannot believe that in 2012, lawmakers have the audacity to propose such blatant misogyny. As I have stated before, if women cannot plan their pregnancies they cannot plan their lives.

I am very concerned about this, Feronians. These anti-women’s health/safety/autonomy measures continue popping up around the country, from proposals to define “life” as beginning at conception (therefore outlawing all abortion and hormonal contraception), to mandating unnecessary ultrasound procedures before abortions, to de-funding all of Title X programs (see Texas), to now making it legally possible for women to lose their jobs for planning their pregnancies. What are we going to do about this blatant discrimination within our borders?

Well, November is just around the corner, and with it, the ability to vote out these conservative bigots who continue to put the lives of women on the chopping block.

I’ll be voting in November. Advocates of women are watching.

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