He Attacks Again

By: Alexis Martinez

On Tuesday morning, we woke up to a stream of tweets from Donald Trump. He was attacking and belittling the Transgender community. He called them a financial burden, and said that they couldn’t serve in the military anymore. This is extremely frightening and alarming. What happened to America being about freedom? Equality? This can’t be dismissed anymore.

This is the President of the United States. He is calling a whole community of people a financial burden. This is what he cares about. He doesn’t seem to understand what he’s doing. He is discriminating against the Transgender community because of money. He would much rather dismiss them than realize that they are human. Any American is allowed to serve their country no matter their sexual orientation or gender.

This isn’t surprising at all, but it is incredibly disappointing. Donald Trump claims that he will fight for the LGBTQ+ community but still continues to hurt them. Trans rights are human rights and every American deserves to fight for their country if they wish to.

Remember that you are important. You deserve the same rights as everyone else. Donald Trump’s constant attacks on the LGBTQ+ community are absolutely disgusting. But you have millions of supporters here with you. The transgender community fights every day and does more than Donald Trump has ever done. He hasn’t fought for anything in his life.

If you are feeling scared or overwhelmed right now, please talk to someone. Your feelings are valid and it is most important that you are able to vent and discuss how this impacts you. Feeling emotional in times like these is okay. Stay strong.