Keeping Your Vagina Clean

Many women worry about keeping their vagina clean, especially since vaginas can have a smell. There are also a lot of bacteria in the vagina, but don’t worry, they’re good bacteria. You’ve seen or heard of a variety of perfumed soaps, washes, and douches that will keep your vagina clean and smelling fresh, but they are completely unnecessary. Vagina’s are generally self-cleaning and you really only need simple soap and water in the shower to keep it at its best.

According to Professor Ronnie Lamont of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists “Vagina’s contain more bacteria than anywhere else in the body.” Again, don’t worry, it’s good bacteria. These bacteria protect the vagina against bad bacteria and keep the Ph level of your vagina balanced. This is why you want to stay away from perfumed washes and douches. They can kill the good bacteria and cause a Ph imbalance, which can lead to a lot of irritation.

Don’t worry too much about keeping your vagina clean. It generally will do that on its own. All you need it some plain soap and a soft wash cloth in the shower and you’ll be fine. If you use perfumed washes or douches they can just make things worse and disrupt the natural cleaning you vagina does on its own.