Ladies, Let’s Get in Formation

By: Alexis Martinez

Beyoncé, the queen bee, one of the most powerful woman in the world. She’s the prime example of a woman who’s strong, independent, and empowers the others around her.  Your iPhone will autocorrect if you even attempt to spell her name wrong.  I believe Beyoncé is the feminist that the world needs right now and here’s why

  1. Her hard work

Beyoncé has worked hard her whole life to be successful. She wouldn’t have made it this far without pushing herself to hit the highest note and to perfect her dance moves. At just eight years old, she began working with a girl band (Destiny’s Child, duh!) and was managed by her father. Imagine an eight year old Queen Bee in the making, it’s amazing the success that she’s earned throughout her life, and it’s truly inspiring.

  1. She empowers the women around her

Beyoncé announced her Formation Scholarship just a year after releasing her          album Lemonade. This scholarship will go to four women going to college for the arts. Celebrities doing things like this is something that can truly empower women who are struggling to find their place in college and finding a reason to continue what they’re doing.

  1. She’s BEYONCÉ

Isn’t that a reason enough? She’s a feminist, a powerful woman, and an overall badass. If you don’t believe me, then here’s a link to one of her best performances ever,

Who run the world? Girls!


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