Let’s Talk About Plastic Surgery Shaming

By: Alexis Martinez

On June 29, 2017, the infamous Donald Trump shamed Mika Brzezinski about bleeding badly from a face-lift… talk about fake news? He is constantly shaming women for whatever he pleases and now he’s attacking a woman for getting plastic surgery. Honestly, it isn’t a shocker but we need to end this stigma about cosmetic procedures.

The decision to get plastic surgery is nobody’s business but the person getting it. It is a personal decision and can be hard to get the courage to go through with. There is a stigma that women alter their appearance because they’re insecure and conforming to societies standards. In reality, many women are changing certain features to uplift themselves and gain more confidence. There is nothing wrong with enhancing your beauty if it makes you feel better. What hurts worst is when the people around you are shaming you for doing something that makes you happy.

Plastic surgery can help people feel better about themselves. There’s nothing wrong with making adjustments to your appearance to make yourself feel better. Many of us do it in everyday life whether its working out to lose weight or buying new clothes. Society shouldn’t hate on people for making themselves happy. At the end of the day, plastic surgery is for yourself and not for the benefit of anyone around you.

Celebrities are constantly getting put down for having surgery done. It’s hard enough to live a lifestyle with cameras constantly flashing on you, but to put down each other due to something so insignificant is ridiculous. Kylie Jenner has been constantly shamed over her change in appearance throughout the years, and does it really matter? If she loves herself then we shouldn’t be concerned at all. Not saying that she isn’t a bit problematic, I’m just saying to give the girl a break.

So, let’s all uplift each other and our beauty. Don’t let the haters tear you down.