Myth or Fact? Find out the truth about UTIs

By: Katherine Ackermann

Cranberry Pills Get Rid of UTIs

MYTH! Although cranberry pills, found in any drugstores as over the counter products, can make the common symptom of frequent burning sensation and urge to pee go away, it doesn’t always take your UTI away. Some UTIs go away by drinking lots of water, and some are much more intent on staying in your urinary tract, and require antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. Cranberry pills are a great way to get you through your day while enduring a UTI, but make sure to monitor other symptoms, such as discharge or foul pee smell. Other symptoms may indicate that your UTI is persisting.

I Can Get A UTI From Wiping Back to Front

            Not a myth. If you wipe back to front, you’re at risk of getting a UTI by transferring bacteria into your urethra, which travels up into your bladder, and can even reach your kidneys if not taken care of. Just this one easy step can take away days and weeks of pain and annoyance.

Peeing After Sex Can Prevent UTIs

            Another fact! If you pee right after sex, your chances of flushing out all that bacteria go up. Don’t be afraid to get up and excuse yourself right after you’ve done the deed. You can get to cuddling in a matter of a minute!

You Don’t Have to Go to the Doctor Right Away

            As I mentioned before, over the product meds don’t always do the trick with UTIs. Your best bet is to go to a physician as soon as you suspect you have a UTI. They can test your pee and tell you exactly what you need to make you better in no time.

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