Slutty and Proud

 By: Cassandra Hedrick

A major issue that women face today is the double standard when it comes to being sexually active. Men get praised for sleeping with lots of women, but women are called sluts for doing the same thing. Now, women are taking back that word. Instead of being ashamed of their sexual activity, women are expressing pride and being bold in sharing that pride too. One way they are doing it is by hosting “Slut Walks,” an event started by Amber Rose, a celebrity and proud slut.

Throughout my high school career, “being a slut” was one of the worst things a girl could be called, whereas men were congratulated even celebrated for it. I, being a proud slut, was judged and shamed for my sexual behavior. For example, when I slept with my high school boyfriend, everyone called me a slut for it, while my boyfriend was able to brag about it. After we broke up, one guy who liked me ended up rejecting me because I had “slept around.” This judgement followed me to college when two different guys who had already slept with me called me a slut. But I didn’t let it get me down because I am proud of my sexuality.

Amber Rose has the same outlook on life. She created Slut Walks to bring awareness to the double standard we see in sexual activity, as well as rape culture (blaming women’s behavior for why they get raped). This is an annual event that has performances, contests, protests, and even cancer and HIV screenings. You can learn about the events at and even set up your own slut walk.

These kinds of events are important to lifting awareness to the gender inequalities women face because if their sex lives. I urge straight men to stand up and push back against these double standards too.  There is nothing wrong with having safe and consensual sex, no matter what your gender. And remember, if straight girls don’t have sex, straight guys won’t either.