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3 Things Everyone Can Do to Prevent HIV

December 1st was World AIDS Day so we are reposting this one from a couple of years ago to highlight that not much changes in terms of HIV prevention… 

Although HIV has been a part of our lives for over 25 years, people in this country are still getting infected at about the same rate they have been for several years. Many people still have misinformation about the virus or don’t feel they are at risk. Here are a few things everyone can do:

• Encourage people to get tested and get tested yourself
Planned Parenthood of Southwest & Central Florida offers 3 types of HIV testing: a rapid test (results in 20 minutes), blood draw sent to a local lab (results in 2-3 days) or the free state test (results in about 3 weeks).

• Learn the facts about HIV so you can educate yourself and others
There are still many myths about how HIV is spread, who’s at risk, and how it’s prevented.

• Promote condom use
Many people worry more about becoming pregnant than becoming infected with a STI. If they or their partner are using contraception, they may believe they have taken care of all their reproductive needs. If they have a same sex partner or are past childbearing years, they may figure they have nothing to worry about.

Out of all the STIs, HIV is the most difficult to acquire, and it has a dramatic impact on someone’s life as well as the lives of those who love them. Despite fears of many to the contrary, a positive HIV test isn’t a death sentence; with medical attention, proper medication, and taking control of their health, someone can live a long and healthy life with HIV.

The best medication for HIV, though? Not getting the virus at all. Let’s all do our part to reduce the spread of HIV.

For the most current information on the virus, check out the CDC website on HIV.

For living with HIV, read this CDC brochure on HIVas well as Avert, the international HIV & AIDS charity, to answer common questions about living with HIV.

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Links in Love & Sex: 2013 Edition

Happy New Year, friends! We hope you had an amazing New Year’s Eve. (And if something didn’t go quite as planned? Remember, you can pick up Plan B at your local Planned Parenthood; it’s effective up until 5 days after unprotected sex.)

Sharing a few bits of interesting love and sex links on the internet:

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Have a Safe and Sexy New Year’s Eve!

2013We hope you have an amazing last-day-of-2012. Today, we’re going to re-run Firdaus’ New Year’s Eve post from last year, because it’s so important. Remember – don’t drink and drive and practice safe sex.

It’s that time of year again: endless cookie trays, wrapping paper rolls, and holiday cheer (or stress!). So, whether you’re spiking the eggnog under mistletoe or popping champagne to your own fireworks, here are some tips for staying safe and sexy.

Boozing 101: Alcohol reduces inhibitions, and can lead people to do things they wouldn’t while sober (this is probably why we drink it). Along with safer sex practices, we want you to arrive home safely. Every thirty minutes someone is killed by drunk driving. Holidays are no exception.

Date Rape 101: Not to yellow your snow but every 2 minutes, someone in the United States is sexually assaulted. About 2/3 of assaults are committed by someone the victim knows, and 38% of rapists are a friend or acquaintance. Oh, and 80% of victims are under 30 years old.

Ways to protect yourself? Stay vigilant! Know your boundaries, and be clear about them. If an assault takes place, CALL THE POLICE!

Spiked Drinks 101: Drugs like Rohypnol (“roofies”) or Gamma-Hydroxybutyerate (“GHB”) are clear, tasteless, odorless chemicals that are sometimes slipped into drinks to help an attacker subdue their victim before an assault. Within 5-10 minutes of ingesting wither of these drugs, a person’s inhibitions will become impaired, often leading them to “black out,” or have short-term amnesia. This gives an attacker the opportunity to assault their victim with less chance that the victim will remember the encounter or be able to report it. These drugs leave the blood system within 72 hours, and are often hard to detect in toxicology reports. So, how do you keep yourself safe?

  • Watch your drinks ALL NIGHT LONG.
  • Never accept a drink from a stranger.
  • Never leave your drink with friends or strangers.
  • Avoid the community spiked punch bowl – you never know what’s inside.
  • Have a “buddy system” if you go out. Let friends or partners know where you are, who you’re with, and how you’re getting home.

Safe Sex 101: Getting hot and heavy tonight? Pack ahead! Remember to bring your contraceptive method with you if you’re away from home this season. Packing ahead can prevent some awkward interactions, like getting hot and heavy…then realizing you don’t have protection.

So pack ahead and remember that if an accident happens, you can buy emergency contraception in all 50 states without a prescription (if you’re over 16) – you just have to ask a pharmacist or come to a Planned Parenthood.

Live well, love well, and drink responsibly this holiday season.

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