Uber to the Rescue

By: Katherine Ackermann

Have you ever thanked the world, or ex-CEO and creator Travis Kalanick, for the miraculous Uber app? For always saving you from a boring party, or an annoying situation? Well this year Uber has stepped up as a hero in a big way.

Uber has teamed up with Polaris, a company which combats human trafficking on a global scale, to urge their drivers to combat what is now known as modern slavery.

As one of the biggest travel companies in the world, Uber has recognized that travel is something constantly used in the exploitation of adults, girls, boys, and LGBTQ youth. Drivers for Uber will now be educated about the different ways to spot a victim, and how to report it as well.

On Uber’s website there is a page dedicated to End Human Trafficking. At the bottom there is an inspiring story by a Californian Uber driver named Keith, who saved a 16-year-old girl from sex trafficking. This incident occurred before Uber’s new partnership with different human trafficking prevention organizations, and now there will be countless similar success stories through proper education of the issue.

Human trafficking is a problem that is hidden in the dark and behind closed doors. But when people are aware and educated, more victims can be identified and saved. The International Labor Organization has calculated that there are 20.9 million human trafficking victims all around the world.

Uber has also partnered with The Mccain Institute for International Leadership, ECPAT USA, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and Thorn.

Thorn CEO Julie Cordua says she teamed up with Uber as a way to attack the issue from all sides. She said, “When we work together we can build a world where every child can be a kid.”

Ending Human Trafficking is a cause dear to us here at Planned Parenthood. To find out how you can volunteer with your local Planned Parenthood to end this exploitation, go to www.myplannedparenthood.org.





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