What IS Reproductive Health?

By Alexis Martinexz

According to who.int about 1 million girls under 15 give birth every year and about 3 million girls aged 15 to 19 undergo unsafe abortions. This is one of the many factors of not having the resources to have a healthy reproductive life.

Reproductive health is the well-being of your mental and physical life. It’s the ability to have a healthy sex life and having the right resources to decide when/if you want to start a family. This is more than sex, it’s about having the access to the appropriate health services to make sure that when you are sexually active, that you are 100% safe and smart about the decisions you’re making.

Birth control access is a huge part of reproductive health. It gives women and men the ability to choose when/if they want to start a family. Having access to birth control decreases unwanted pregnancies and creates a better opportunity for children to grow up in loving homes. Before having sex, you should research the different types of birth controls to find out which one is best for you. There are many different options and every person has their own preference.

We need to begin educating our teenagers about what reproductive is and how to ensure that they do have a healthy lifestyle. Whether we like it or not, teenagers will have sex. The best we can do is make sure that they are safe and fully aware of what a healthy reproductive life is. Instead of pushing no sex, we need to be pushing the concept of safe sex.

Some resources to educate yourself and those around you are http://innovating-education.org and http://www.amwa-doc.org. You can also go to the Planned Parenthood website and learn about our services and how we can help you.