Why Feronia?

Feronia is primarily known as the Roman Goddess of fertility and abundance.  Slaves regarded Feronia as a goddess of freedom, and believed that sitting on a holy stone in one of her sanctuaries would set them free.  Latins believed Feronia to be a harvest goddess and honored her with the “first fruits” in order to secure a bountiful harvest the following year.  Feronia is thought to have been originally an ancient agricultural and fire Goddess among the Etruscan and/or Sabine peoples. During the Roman Republic, Feronia’s feast day was November 13.

Hamadryas feronia is a species of butterfly found mainly in Central and South America.  Butterflies are a symbol of change and transformation, themes this blog aspires to bring to its readers.

Fe is the chemical symbol for Iron, which is known for its strength and abundance on Earth.